New World Order Take-Over of Greece

By Phil Brennan.

Let me explain how the New World Order takes over a country.

First they take over the issuance of currency in that nation and remove all safety ceilings set in place to prevent major financial disaster. The Glass Seagel in the USA was removed in 1998, as was our equivalents in Europe – you can blame Gordon Brown for that in the UK. Then they cause booms and busts so that you get used to the concept of good times and bad times before doing the big one that virtually destroys the wealth of the nation.

Meanwhile they force the government to open borders so that illegal immigrants can stream in. Third Sector political groups are then inserted into the society of the nation to do several things – make it harder and harder for the native populations to look after their rights, infiltrate all levels of society and the public sector to pervert justice within the police, the courts, councils and social services, and to teach all the illegal immigrants that the natives hate them and want to kill them, causing racial tensions to build up. Meanwhile they are also funding the Nationalists in the country to attack the illegals. In England the British National Party is directly funded by front groups that are owned by MI5 and the IMF.

Meanwhile as the debts of the nation build up the leaders are bribed not to pay the debts off. As the final false bubble rises the government gets further and further into debt, and then the IMF / NWO bursts the false bubble that they caused to bankrupt the country and steal the wealth of the nation. The countries go to the IMF for help and they are then put under austerity measures and private and public pensions are raided to pay IMF bills. Then the people revolt in riots against the banks and the IMF which are crushed and then the country goes under Martial Law and the IMF / New World Order then takes over the country and puts the population into financial slavery.

The Final Stage is now being enacted in Greece. Marshall Law will be declared and the IMF will become the corporate government of Greece and put the people into abject poverty and economic slavery.

They did this to African nations and South American nations. Now they are doing it to the west. Portugal, Spain, Ireland, and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland are next, probably in that order.

Iceland so far are the only nation that has been imploded to do the right thing: Refuse to pay off the debt and tell the IMF to take a running jump. The New World Order will not give up, but at least they get a respite for a season until the NWO can afford to bring their attentions back to Iceland and delete their leadership and take over with a corporate military coup d’etat.

Meanwhile, Nigel Farage’s health is has been stabilised after some deterioration in hospital. The New World Order failed to kill him in the plane crash. He needs a body guard because they will try to kill him again.

The President of Poland and his Administration were assassinated by agents of the European Union on the orders of the New World Order because they opposed the European Union and they opposed the New World Order. Any politician who dares to stand up against the corporate takeover of the world will wind up being deleted. Doesn’t matter if you are the President of a Sovereign Nation or a leader of a fringe political party. You speak out against them and you will wind up dead.

So the battle lines have been drawn in the sand and now the War Against the New World Order is on.



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